Design for Good

We came together in a small town to celebrate a big idea.

Prior to embarking on the journey to Thailand, we released our design for Good Times giving back to Thailand, and let the supporters of the event know how much their dedication was valued.

Dear friends,
Seven months ago many of you attended an event called Good Times, where we all came together in a small town to celebrate a big idea. You told your friends it was on a ranch where you could celebrate summer freedom, enjoy live music, rekindle old friendships, and share an experience that can only be categorized as good times. I'm here to tell you that your support and enthusiasm for Good Times means so much more.
On June 27th, 2015, more than a thousand of you drove through the gates of Frontier Ranch and whether you knew it or not, you were helping change the world. In the months following Good Times, the orchestration of giving back started with a shovel and a plot of land 9,000 miles away in Udon Thani, Thailand. This is where your entry has provided hope, love, and happiness to this community. You all have helped empower the idea that when people come together, we can truly change the world around us.
We broke ground on a playground for the children of Udon Thani in August and the project was completed in December of last year. Throughout the next two weeks, Cameron Dean and I will be traveling the area, speaking with the locals of the area, and sharing with you the playground, the smiles, and entire project that all of you made possible.
What started as a small gathering of friends has become something that reaches worldwide through all of you who attended. This is something all of you should be incredibly proud of. I encourage all of you who attended, or contributed to share this because none of this would be possible without you.

Thank you,

Cameron Dean and Tanner Bachelor

We filmed with our phones and a small camera. We wanted it to be raw and show the supporters of Good Times a first hand experience.

Cameron Dean Founder, Good Times Festival

The event was overwhelming. At times we had to hand the villagers our phones so they could capture every moment.

Tanner Bachelor

We hosted over 1,000 attendees to watch our line up of local artists and performers, and used the proceeds of the event to build the creative play space in Udon Thani. The process included nearly a year of planning and strategic communications with land owners, performers, and local representatives from the village.

  • Break ground in Thailand
  • Plan event, gather artists
  • Event
  • Finalize play space
  • Travel to Thailand for the opening of the site